Travel Scholarship – Winner Announced

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2018 Wine Show Travel Scholarship Winner Announced

A young winemaker with a passion for Riesling and Pinot Gris has been awarded an International Travel Scholarship at the 2018 Victorian Wine Show.
Pictured: Robert Paul and Mark Hickin

Mark Hickin, assistant winemaker at Seymour winery, Wine by Sam, was awarded the scholarship at the recent Victorian Wine Show presentation ceremony held at Mitchelton Winery in Nagambie.

“This is such a great opportunity,” said Mark following the announcement. “I got into wine making because I’m passionate about wines so to have the financial support to go overseas and research my passion in whites and bring that information back and be able to share it with the wine making community is fantastic.”

Mark’s application to the judging panel detailed his desire to visit Alsace in France to focus on the Riesling and Pinot Gris grape varieties.

“I want to research the oenological process, including pick times, cold settling techniques, SO2 regimes and timing, fermentation kinetics and residual sugar influence on style,” said Mark.

“I’m also be keen to look at the phenolic regimes, including skin contact which is part of some Alsatian wine styles, and vineyard management techniques and how that could be applied to the Victorian wine industry.”

The Travel Scholarship was launched last year as an initiative of the Victorian Wine Show Committee with funding assistance from the State Government’s Wine Growth Fund.

The aim of the Scholarship is to help build knowledge for the Victorian Wine Industry.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for professional development on a personal level for the recipient,” said Victorian Wine Show Director Robert Paul.  “The scholarship also benefits the Victorian wine industry as a whole, because as part of the conditions, the winner will report back to the industry at large and share the knowledge they gain.”

For young winemaker Mark Hickin, the scholarship is a dream come true. “I don’t know many other places that give you the opportunity to go overseas and research your passion like this and also publish your ideas and knowledge.”

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