The Victorian Wine Show is pleased to announce the second Victorian Wine Industry travel fellowship. This award, to a minimum value of $5000, will allow the recipient to travel overseas to increase his/her knowledge and understanding of a particular grape variety, wine style or winemaking method and to impart that knowledge to the winemaking community of Victoria on return.

Open to:
1.  All exhibitors in the 2018 Victorian Wine Show. Applicants must represent a Vineyard or Winery that has entered at least two wines that can be assessed in conjunction with the written application.
2. Viticulturists and grape growers whose grapes are used to make wines entered in the 2018 Victorian Wine Show. Applicants must provide details of the wines entered and their reason(s) for selecting them.
Note: It is not a requirement for success that the submitted wines achieve high scores in the 2018 wine show. It is more important that they provide a practical demonstration of ideas outlined in the written application.

Applicants must:
1. Represent a vineyard or winery that enter at least two wines in the 2018 Victorian Wine Show or nominate at least two wines entered in the show that were made from grapes grown by them.
2. Submit a 500 to 1000-word statement outlining their proposed travel destination(s), what they hope to achieve/learn there, how at least one of their show entries reveals the development of their interest in the wine style/region chosen as their destination
3. Be able to travel and complete the overseas component of the scholarship by June 2019
4. Agree to share the knowledge gained overseas with the Victorian wine industry by publishing a paper in a recognised industry publication within three months of their return from overseas
5. Agree to deliver a short (ten minute) address at the 2018 Victorian Wine Show Awards Presentation lunch.
The written application will be required to show evidence of the applicant’s ability to:

  1. learn from exposure to new ideas and approaches
  2. share, in a productive way, knowledge gained from travel and research
  3. appreciate and understand the historical perspective surrounding a grape variety, region or production technique


The application should also provide some background information and brief professional history. It would be useful to include some detail about possible mentors and factors that stimulated interest  in the chosen wine style, variety or region.
Finally, the application should clearly demonstrate how the Victorian wine industry will benefit from the applicant’s travel.

While the closing date for wine show entries is 30th September 2018, we are happy to receive written  applications for the scholarship until 31st October 2018.

Applications will be assessed by the Victorian Wine Show committee together with the show results and the winner will be announced at the 2018 Awards presentation lunch on November 15th 2018.
The selection committee will comprise:
Mr Robert Paul, Director, Victorian Wine Show
Professor Bruce Wilson, Director EU Centre at RMIT University
Mr Andrew Santarossa, Chief Judge 2018 Victorian Wine Show
Mr Geoffrey Shenfield, Chairman, Victorian Wine show